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Geneva and Monthey: Februrary 11, 2020 – CSG-BIO SA (CSG-Bio), which intends to offer the most advancedand comprehensive stem cell banking services to families worldwide in the near future and took over some of CryoSave AG’s assets in 2019 has now announced the signing of an agreement with CORDSAVINGS SA (CordSavings), the reputed independent Swiss neonatal stem cells laboratory, in the aim to secure part of  stem cell samples left in insecurity following the bankruptcy of the Swiss company Cryo-Save AG in September 2019.

The full press release’s version in English

CORDSAVINGS is joining forces with the information campaign on the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Using stem cells from the blood or the tissue of the umbilical cord, it is possible to treat certain diseases and regenerate certain tissues.

This is a conviction we have shared since 2012, in the most direct and concrete way possible. By definition, it is the compass that guides our efforts on a daily basis.

Our occupation has something magic and unique about it: with these tiny cells taken from his umbilical cord at birth, without causing any pain, a little new-born brother is able to relieve, treat and perhaps even save his big sister.

And we would know; we have living proof!

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