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Banking Stem Cells in Switzerland

Founding principle of CordSavings

To build a concrete, solid and effective medico-technical platform that links the very legitimate desire for the private storage of neonatal stem cells for family purposes that many parents have worldwide with the requirements and seriousness in force within public health systems.

Our Goal

Our goal is to prepare the ground for the explosion of regenerative medicine based on stem cells as part of a technically and ethically approved approach. More personalised treatments, faster and more complete recoveries: these are the main issues in this medical field that needs to be patiently constructed starting now.

This is why umbilical cord has to be preserved.


Our aim is above all to offer a new aspect of storing umbilical cord blood stem cells, for the parents and families, that will (finally) rectify the serious shortcomings in the field of private stem cell storage for family purposes. Particularly with regard the greatest danger to this activity namely the family service’s depersonalisation and the gigantism (see the spiraling scandal that arose in 2019 with the Dutch "giant" stem cell company Cryo Save (to PBKM-Famicord transfer of 230.000 parents' samples in Poland) and read also the analysis that the prestigious US Foundation Parent's Guide to Cord Blood asked us to release about this concern: Small is Beautiful).


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Our action

First and foremost, our action positions itself on the medico-technical and biological excellence offered by our swiss stem cell biobank. At CordSavings, your family cord blood is treated with exactly the same quality requirements as those applied to public transplants by public banks. We believe that parents who have chosen autologous storage for family purposes have the right to the same conditions of treatment and storage for their child's stem cells as those reserved for public samples (known as allogeneic), in others words, the highest quality of medical standards.

In terms of family and autologous services, CordSavings' action is assuring the highest laboratory quality approach, at all stages of the process : from the initial analyses and the informed consent of the parents to the long-lasting cryopreservation of cord blood units within the frame of its Swiss platform entirely dedicated to childhood and families.

Our action thus provides perfectly secure hematopoietic stem cell rich grafts, for truly transplantation treatments, if the need arises.

Through the quality of its stem cell bank's intrinsic process, CordSavings intends to play a key role in henceforth affording umbilical cord stem cell storage for family purposes the same quality approach and stability as those applied at the best state-of-art biobanks.

Our Team

This project has been carefully developed over many years. It is led by a group of men and women who are both qualified and passionate. It brings together the most highly specialised expertise in obstetrics, stem cell research and structuring of large-scale biotechnological projects.

Our team comes from various geographical backgrounds. It has deliberately chosen the Swiss Foundation of the canton of Valais "The Ark", the prestigious institution firmly focused on the most promising evolutions in life sciences, to anchor its action in the best protected and the safest territory possible in order to achieve its objectives: Switzerland.




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