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Cord Blood: Where is the best location to store my baby stem cells in Europe?

All specialists agree: Switzerland!

CORDSAVINGS is the sole "purely swiss" bank on the territory. All our laboratories are located here, these are pure matters of quality and safety.

If only you could see the quality and the very Germanic seriousness of our biotechnological installations dedicated to umbilical cord stem cells and children's health!

If only you could contemplate the beauty and serenity of the geographic and professional environment (in a very important Swiss healthcare Foundation) in which we work every day, you would not hesitate another second!


Naturally, the CORDSAVINGS laboratory is central to the implementation of our action.

Its location in Switzerland is just as deliberate as it is essential.

  • On the geographic level : Switzerland is at the heart of Europe and is less than a 4-hour flight from all the major medical and health centres on the continent. With one of the most efficient transport and transmission networks in the world, this implantation enables the potentially fastest transport and storage, in the best possible medical and express conditions, of biological samples from a population pool of more than 500 million European citizens.
  • On the political level : Switzerland is renowned worldwide as a haven of democratic efficiency and institutional stability.
  • On the economic level : This is one of the most prosperous and most balanced countries in the world.
  • On the medical level : Switzerland is characterised both by some of the most rigorous and demanding ethical and control regulations in the world, and has always been able to give research and daring in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry the role and importance it deserves. Its legislation on the cord blood derived stem cells has proved successful and recognises and authorises, without ideological discrimination, both allogeneic public donation (for others) and autologous private stem cells storage (for personal or family purposes). Switzerland is home to some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, and a large number of innovations have emerged here which are now essential to your day-to-day health.

The Valais

Located in French-speaking Switzerland, the Valais is a fertile area in every sense of the word. A land of sun, rocks and glaciers, this canton has developed renowned expertise in three main fields: fine chemicals, plant biology and above all biotechnologies.

The political authorities' development strategy strongly favours life sciences by giving its full support to the different institutions and training organisations dedicated to these sectors, hotbeds of very high-level technical expertise.

  • On the strictly economic level, the Valais is thus home to many multinational companies, specialised SMEs, and research institutions that are very active in these areas, which places the canton in second position in terms of employment generated in Switzerland (there are 26 cantons in the Swiss Confederation).
  • Finally, the geographic situation: ideally located at the heart of the Alps with a large valley that provides optimum access, the Valais enjoys fresh, clean air all year round. And that's not just a cliché. When it comes to cord blood biobanks, calm and stability are the golden rules.

No traffic jams on our roads and time to let time do its work! Everything here, surrounding our laboratory and its teams, contributes to the fluidity, the serenity and the long term. And all of this near to Lake Geneva, less than half an hour from Lausanne - canton of Vaud - and opposite the beautiful city of Geneva (on the other bank), the world renowned banking and financial capital and economic nerve centre ideally linked to the main cities in the world.

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