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CordSavings - COVID-19

The last US study which proves pregnant women must not delay COVID-19 vaccination ***

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Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire CordSavings team remains fully committed and operational in Monthey.

Our CordSavings laboratory is 100% rooted in its region in Switzerland.

It is one of the last laboratories in Switzerland to have complete know-how that allows it to handle everything locally: both the isolation of precious stem cells from your child’s cord blood and their storage in tanks in liquid nitrogen vapour phase for up to several decades.

This major COVID-19 health crisis and the disarray it has caused worldwide within the medical community as a whole, demonstrates how important it is to develop and strengthen other treatment options in the future.

Among these, the use of stem cells will no doubt play an increasingly key role, if not a major one.

Read this article, for example:

Compassionate use of stem cell therapy to treat severe COVID-19 could save lives now

The collection of your own cells, those of your family, that is to say by definition those that are the most genetically compatible, is more important now than ever.

They could even be decisive one day.

During this period of such uncertainty and fear, and as you get ready to have a baby on top of it, please do not hesitate to call Jeanne, Hélène or Jean-Christophe at any time on +41 24 471 40 00

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